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Moments of Reflection by runmomrun66

August 25, 2013

Coffee Table Book

Coffee Table Book

And now I want to wander.


Moments of Reflection by kelly ishmael

August 24, 2013


so i went down to the river to get some shots of the sunset. which was spectacular. but then as i was walking home i noticed the street lights dancing on the water. and then as i got closer i saw the woman feeding the ducks.

going out to shoot something and then finding something completely different and equally as wonderful…reason 1467 why i love photography.

Moments of Reflection by maria manco

August 23, 2013

7a/365  08.21.13

I love mornings. You plus pretty morning light are a great way to start the day

Moments of Reflection by SummerK Photography

August 22, 2013

Day 233/365

Day 233/365

We dress like girls, but play like boys.

Moments of Reflection by deb/trust~your~gut

August 21, 2013

230/365 self-portrait with tin man

230/365 self-portrait with tin man

pike place market with the boys, and my niece and our 2 friends from the england. (we are all reflected in there.)

later, we spent the hot afternoon at the pool. #ilovesummer

Moments of Reflection by Spring.Break

August 20, 2013

reflections [press L]


second time in Florence. there are always new things to see and to do.

one month left to the semester here in Venice. it’s too soon to go back home, to go back to real life. i’m staying here until the end of august, don’t know yet what i’m going to do…probably do some traveling while i’m here. there’s so much to see and to do, and so little time…
finals are coming up and i have to push but it’s so hard to do it when i’m living in Venice…especially now that the sun came out.

Moments of Reflection by Eastview Photography

August 19, 2013