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Moments with Animals by Spring.Break

April 17, 2013

waving goodbye

waving goodbye

Our Daily Topic – Heads Or Tails

i took a sailing tour from Kaikoura for whales’ watching, it was very exciting for me – first time that i saw a whale for real…we were quite far into the sea – it took us about 30 min to get to this point from the port (in a motor boat). the tour guide said that this is a female-whale, and that she came up to the surface to look for food for her baby-whale, and when she waves her tail like that it means that she’s going deep down again.
the boat kept going up and down so most of my pictures were blurry and this one came out the best…she was a “sperm whale” – yup, that’s right, that’s how they call this kind. and yes, she has the shape of a sperm, only a lot bigger LOL. she was bigger than the boat (which was quite big…), it was actually very magical, almost divine…

i would like to recommend about a movie that i watched not so long ago. it’s called “Whale Rider”, it was filmed in New Zealand and is about the Maori culture (the natives of NZ). it had touched my heart in a way that no other movie or story ever had.

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  1. April 27, 2013 1:42 pm

    thank you for choosing my photo!

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