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Relaxing by journeyswithasimplegirl

December 8, 2012

chai recipe. (film for friday too.)

chai recipe. (film for friday too.)

i woke this morning to sweet e telling me that there was a two hour delay for our schools due to a heavy fog. when there is a delay, i get the day off from the pre-school!!! can you imagine my delight to be gifted a free morning?!

it was chai kinda morning, just like the sunday morning in this film shot. so i thought i’d take a moment to post the recipe some of you have asked me about…
happy. friday. friends.

masala chai
(this recipe makes a botum full, about three nicely sized mugs full)

1.5 cups unsweetened soy milk
3 cups water
@ 20 green cardamom pods, crushed.
@ 15 dried cloves (more or less to suit your own taste)
sliced ginger root (i use about three small chunks loosely chopped to release their flavor)
sprinkle of cinnamon
sprinkle of freshly ground pepper

let these ingredients come to a boil then add 3 heaping tsp. of loose black tea leaves (or in a pinch, three bags black tea)
and two heaping tsp of coconut sugar. (you could substitute brown sugar, or turbinado, or regular white sugar)
turn heat down to simmer when you add tea and sugar.
simmer for about 5 minutes.
turn off heat and let steep for about 5 more. (i pour the tea into my botum to steep once i turn off the heat, that way it’s easy to strain the finished chai from it’s ingredients.) you could just pour the tea through a strainer too.

hope you enjoy! xoxox

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