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Back to School by SuperDewa

September 12, 2012


Dare I say it? I’m grateful for school.

I homeschooled my children for many years (for liberal reasons, not religious ones). Last year we decided to send the girls to the public school, and while it has not been a perfect experience, most of the fears I’d built up around it were unfounded, and some very good things have happened too.

Turns out more structure was what my family needed, as well as (and this surprises me) a little healthy competition.

Today I’m feeling grateful that when we moved out of NYC we made sure to move to a good school district even though we planned on homeschooling. I’m feeling grateful that every child in the United States (and many other countries) is entitled to a free education. I’m grateful for the teacher and administrator here and there who has taken a special interest in my daughters and helped us all through this transition. I am also feeling grateful for the time and the opportunities that having my children in school every day is offering to me.

I’m grateful too that I had the opportunity to homeschool my girls for many years. I’d like to think we are all better off because of that, but of course that’s impossible to tell. I CAN tell that the friends we made while homeschooling are wonderful people, and I am grateful to be able to continue those friendships despite our lives being different now.

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