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A Week of September Moments

October 9, 2011

an evening walk16/52 look up to the skiesthe freshest air in the world is on Dartmoorfavlexi-creme-8217"The falling leaves of red and gold.."holding onFresh Peppers at the MarketAnnaLittleEvening SwimJump....afternoonMeadow & Clouds.1Happy cupcakein the woods“Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye. It also includes the inner pictures of the soul”.Saturday afternoon at the park!
{click on each photograph to see the full size and of course the moment of light that goes along with it}

1.SuperDewa 2.magnetised by life 3.Canonette 4.Jill Samter Photography 5.Kiersten Bree 6.kelly*green 7.abstract by nature 8.Maga Soto 9.keenemomma 10.photosbychinwe 11.Eskimo Kiss Photography 12.RubyT (looking forward to fall weather) 13.SamV678 14.krisolvo 15.thegreattiny 16.stjernesol 17.ia&a


Thank you everyone who shared your wonderful moments from September.What a wonderful round up of a beautiful month and the start of October, Autumn, colder weather and cozy nights in.

Our theme for this week is SIMPLE. This weeks theme is inspired by this post written by Joey about These Moments and the pure beauty of the more simple things in life. Add your SIMPLE moments to the Flickr group and remember to visit here each day to see what wonderful moments have been picked to feature on the blog.

Don’t forget, all photos this week must SIMPLE themed and all photographs added to the pool must be accompanied by a few words.

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