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A Week of Moments of Transition

September 1, 2013


1. Another season begins…., 2. {byob27} My dearest Zena, 3. Sag Sunset, 4. “Hogar no es sinónimo de casa, sino de calidez, de ternura, de refugio, de ventana para mirar al mundo y la lluvia sin que ésta te moje.”, 5. morning dew, 6. Waiting for the Wave ~ Rosemary Beach

Thank you for your Moments of Transition! And thank you for sharing all of your beautiful moments here for so long. Speaking of transition, we’re transitioning to a hiatus for a few months, maybe longer. We hope to be back eventually, but for now we’re taking a break for an undetermined length of time. Your images in this pool have been so inspiring and a joy to view every week. We want to keep seeing them! Please keep sharing your lovely moments at These Moments . See you there!


Moments of Transition by 13misaliss

August 30, 2013

Moments of transition
In what feels like an istant he is one! He is walking, trying to “talk”, starting to want to do things on his own and learning there is so much to discover!

Moments of Transition by austinsGG

August 29, 2013

These Moments...{moments of transition}
I love sunflowers…they have such a beautiful way of brightening my day. They are all about Summer. As I drove past the farm yesterday, where I took this picture…they are drooping, turning brown and all but getting ready to be completely gone. I hate to see them go…but I guess it’s almost time to start welcoming Fall and all its beauty.

Moments of Transition by betsyblue

August 28, 2013

A henna on my friend’s very pregnant belly. (The baby is now here but those photos will have to be for another day.)

Moments of Transition by anngeedee

August 27, 2013

Texture, day 26.
Texture, day 26.

Moments of Transition by slycat54

August 26, 2013

day 193

day 193

she and i started the day with a latte and a croissant
we had a long day at the house
he came down last night to help us
the inside is done
and now we are working on the outside
i laid down on the old couch, the renter is coming to pick up tomorrow, dead tired
and waited for him to finish up sweeping off the roof
i laid there and remembered. . .
i could almost here my parent’s voices
i think we will be done tomorrow

A week of Moments of Reflection

August 25, 2013


1. The quieter you are, the more you can hear, 2. 219•365, 3. {byob19} sweet state of being, 4. Moments of Reflection, 5. Sand in my toes, 6. These Moments {moments of reflection}, 7. San Francisco | July 2013, 8. sunset i, 9. Aqua

Thank you for sharing your images of Moments of Reflection. This week, please join us for Moments of Transition, whether it’s back to school or noticing the change of the seasons. Please add your interpretation of transitions to the flickr group and remember to add a few words to your images. Have a fabulous week!